Sports Panels

Gain Insight, Enrich your Data, Generate Revenue, Secure and grow your Brand.



Refine your knowledge of fans, Access critical point of views, Discover opportunities.



Gain a competitive advantage via informed business decisions.


About SMI

  • SMI is a market research, technology and media team who specialise in turning your data into a wealth of insights.
  • We empower key decision makers by providing sports communities with a voice, while creating new sources of income and enriching their data.
  • With practical experience and an unparalleled access to a variety of opinion communities, we carry out wider benchmarking to provide both content and context to the insights we deliver.
  • Turning insights into action. Through the combined international experience of our marketing, digital, media, sales and design teams, we have the resources to help guide your organisation successfully into the future.


SMI is committed to maintaining the highest level of data security and privacy.

Our data storage systems are constantly inspected to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and our technical team continuously strives to evidence compliance to the highest level of security standards.

As per the MRS and ESOMAR codes of conduct, SMI’s research practices guarantees the strict privacy and non-disclosure of all personal data.

Thus, our partners can be assured that their data is at all times 100% safe and secure with SMI.

Opinion Community

What is it?

A community is a dedicated online space for your fans to give their opinions, while their responses are integrated into a coherent and consistent research strategy. Fans sign up through secure logins after agreeing to our data protection policies. They answer confidential surveys.

What's in it for the fans?

  • They take part in prize draws and polls.
  • They win points every time in view of converting them into cash or other prizes from their favourite sport or clubs.
  • More importantly they love having their voice heard by their own clubs, and they delight in contributing to their club/sport benefitting from their views.
  • At the end it all contributes to improving the experience of both the club/sport and the fans.

What’s in it for clubs/sports associations/sports?

  • First they are offered a tool for their fans to feel heard through a portal which SMI sets up and manages for them at no costs. They keep control of the terms, content, and frequency of fan surveys.
  • They get access to better tools to carry out research themselves (if they have a research department).
  • They get access to an ever enriching profiling which constantly increases as third party surveys are allowed among fans. They get revenue from every survey completed by fans, every time.
  • Research expenses are further offset by subsequent marketing, media, and technology spending they might wish to carry out through the wider resources of the group.

Enter the fanzone

Sports Marketing Intelligence Ltd (SMIG) comprises three individual businesses that work together to deliver one of the UK’s largest market research businesses dedicated to providing market intelligence derived from sports fans.