Sports Marketing Intelligence Ltd. and the SMI group treat the security of your data as our priority, particularly when faced with today’s global data privacy and security challenges. We would like to share with you some of the proactive security and privacy programs that are integral to our operations.

  • Trained data technicians responsible and accountable for looking after the security and privacy your personal data, at the point of storage, in transfer and on any device.
  • Advanced security and privacy technologies to facilitate the safeguarding of your data, such as; integrated encryption mechanism at device, file, application, and data storage level, advanced lock and access control systems, and sophisticated data assets protection tools.
  • Rigorous security and safety assessments and reviews carried out every 90 days.
  • Dedicated Firewall systems, continuity and backup systems, as well as strict monitoring measures.
  • Comprehensive emergency response plans that staff are regularly trained on.

We are committed to creating an environment of security and privacy for the data which you consent to share with us, through your purchases, access to our websites, and through our research programme and surveys.

If you desire further information about our Data Process, Data Consent, Data Response, or Data Practice Policies, please contact our Data Protection Office on