World Cup Fan Predictions: Youth beats experience

By N.Carroll July 30, 2018

In December last year, SMI asked our community of football fans 'who they thought would lift the 2018 FIFA World Cup?' And the winning demographic was... 

Males under 35!

While only 16% of total respondents predicted France to lift the Cup in July, 33% of males under 35 - more than double the proportion of all other participants - tipped Les Bleus for the win.

On the other side of spectrum, only 8% of females involved in the poll selected the eventual winners.

Germany was the overwhelming favourite with 37% of the votes while England, who made their first semi-final since 1990, collected 14% of the vote. Incredibly, France's opponents in the final received just 0.23% of votes, illustrating just how much of a surprise their campaign turned out to be.


Poll undertaken amongst 460 active football fans.

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