SMI is Born

By Admin September 7, 2014
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Sports Marketing Intelligence is a new market research company specialising in the sports marketing arena, with the objective of improving communications between sports fans, clubs, sponsors, sportswear and equipment manufacturers. 

Sports Marketing Intelligence works together with two other companies to deliver one of the UK’s largest market research businesses dedicated to providing market intelligence derived from sports fans. Those companies are: 

* ProgrammeMaster Ltd one of the UK’s leading sports publisher
* Sample Answers Ltd (SA), a leading provider of business and consumer samples and related support services to  the market researcher industry  

The core concept at the heart of SMI is generating a deep and detailed knowledge of the sports fan and using this knowledge to benefit sports teams, sponsors, advertisers and the fan.  

SMI will also focus on developing  and providing comparative national benchmarking data on sports fan views.

Each individual business unit is led by experienced professionals and SMI will also benefit from a very experienced board who come from both sport and market research backgrounds.  

Our group’s expertise has a proven track record of generating 16% response success rate based on consumer data base surveys, whereas traditional direct marketing response rate of 1-2%.  

Initial survey indicators are that sports fan response rates are being realized at 21 – 24%