Ronnie's pursuit of the near impossible

By Admin October 28, 2017
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On Sunday, Ronnie O’Sullivan took out his 27th ranking title by defeating Kyren Wilson in the Dafabet English Open final.

The victory takes ‘The Rocket’ one-quarter of the way towards a £1 million prize pool if he is able to claim a clean sweep of the season’s ‘Home Series’ events, with Welsh, Irish and Scottish Opens to come.

In September, Shaun Murphy stated it was “highly unlikely but not impossible” for someone to take out the prize-money, after which SMI put the question out to World Snooker fans.

27% of respondents thought a clean sweep was ultimately impossible, while a further 38% were not convinced the feat could be achieved in the next five seasons.

However, there were some positive fans; 31% believing the million-dollar prize would be claimed in the next few seasons.

While only 4% backed a major winner this season, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s victory, as one of the most accomplished snooker players of all time, may provide more fans the confidence this might yet be the season the near-impossible is achieved.

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