Football fans back move to sink diving

By Admin June 10, 2017
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Nine out of ten supporters in the United Kingdom are hoping to see an end to diving under the Football Association’s new panel review system.

According to a Sports Marketing Intelligence (SMI) poll, 89% of football fans backed the move aimed at discouraging footballers from taking a dive.

The insights showed strong support across all demographic segments, with fans over 55 years old providing the highest percentage of opposition at just 15%. Meanwhile only 7.5% of supporters within the 35-54 age bracket were against the new initiative. 

Under the regulations introduced at the FA's annual general meeting, a player will face retrospective punishment if the review panel unanimously decides the individual successfully deceived a match official in a situation that has led to a penalty or red card. 

Diving has become a detested element of the international game, which has often reached the highest levels of competition. In the recent final of the 2016/17 Champions League, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos was accused of taking a fall following a light touch from Juan Cuadrado, leading to the Juventus winger’s second yellow card.

Even FIFA World Cups have not been immune where in 2014, Arjen Robben openly admitted to diving in the Netherlands' round of 16 victory over Mexico.

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