England football fans fear Germany most

By N.Carroll December 2, 2017
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Germany stands as the overwhelming favourite among English football fans to take out the 2018 World Cup in Russia according to a recent SMI (Sports Marketing Intelligence) poll.

The specialised sports researchers found that the nation responsible for England’s heartbreaking 1996 European Championship exit are perceived to be the strongest international football team. 

A total of 37% of respondents predicted Germany would win the World Cup, with France picking up the second-highest number of votes at 16%.

A respectable 14% of home fans held faith that the Three Lions could muster up an unprecedented victory, tipped more than the Cup’s most successful nation, Brazil (12%). 

Surprisingly Spain, winners of the 2010 edition as well as the 2012 European Championship, collected just 5% of the vote, rated lower than Belgium (6%).

Interestingly, France were backed significantly more by younger age groups, tipped by 33% of respondents under the age of 35, with the social media attention around the likes of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe providing confidence for the nation’s short-term success.

Les Bleus, however, were not near as popular with female football fans, picking up just 8% of the the votes, while Spain was favoured twice as much by females (12%) than their male counterparts.

While Germany is currently tipped as (marginal) favourites to win the World Cup by most major betting companies, SMI's poll has shown a significantly higher level of confidence in the reigning Champions by fans across the UK. Other variations from common betting odds saw significant swings against Brazil, Argentina and Spain.

Poll undertaken amongst 460 active football fans.

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